How to upload the Allen Bradley PLC program via Ethernet cable

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical. Today, we are going to talk about how to upload the Allen Bradley PLC Program via Ethernet cable using Rslogix 500 software. This article provides the skills needed to establish communications with an SLC 505 CPU.

Allen Bradley PLC

I. How to take a backup from Allen Bradley PLC Program to PC?

Before we look into the communication with the SLC 505 CPU for uploading the Program, let us take a look at Allen Bradley PLC SLC 505 CPU.

1. SLC 505 Processor CPU

This family of SLC 500 Processor. There are five measured processors in the SLC 500 Family (5/01 to 5/05). In this post, we will talk about the most recent processor, which is the 5/05 (Ethernet processor).

This one we call CPU or processing central processing unit, where it has a run lamp it means that this view is running now.

FLT: If the Fault pointer is solid red, this generally demonstrates an equipment issue. Flashing red indicates a software flaw.

On the off chance that you have a flashing red FLT light, go online with RSLogix to figure out what caused the deficiency.

RUN: This just demonstrates your framework is running when the indicator is solid green. 

FORCE: first it means that some input/output modules or some program has forced.

RS232: This LED will flash as information goes over the RS232 port. This one so green when the correspondence among PC and PLC.

BATT: battery low inside in the CPU, it has the battery backup for backup the program when the power supply turned off, the battery inside here will working and then support to the ram of the CPU to protect the program loss.

1.1 The Key-Switch for the SLC 505 CPU

For this CPU it has a three modes, mode run, mode remote, and mode program. For run mode when we like to run mode, it means that we cannot download the program from our computer to the PLC.

When we select remote mode it will the programmer can online, remote, and can start the CPU from the software.

When we select the program mode the CPU will stop and the programmer can download, upload, or do something from the software.

1.2 The communication protocols used by an SLC 505 CPU

To go online and communicate with an SLC 505 CPU processor, using Rslogix 500 software. There are two ways.

Channel 0: At the base of the processor, you will see an RS232 port. This communication port is used to connect with your Computer, HMI, or different processors. On the off chance that you wish to associate with your PC, you will require an RS232 Null Modem Cable.

Channel 1: Over the RS232 Port is the Ethernet Port. The Ethernet port can do a lot quicker speeds than the RS232 Serial port.

Before we start, the following is the rundown of things you need:
  • PLC, SLC 5/05 CPU 
  • PC with Rslogix 500 Software installed
  • Programming Cable Ethernet 
  • Ethernet Hub

2. Procedure to upload Program SLC 505 Allen Bradley PLC

Step 1: the hardware requirements

Let's begin by connecting our laptop to Allen Bradley PLC SLC 505 CPU, with the Ethernet cable. A computer or PC can directly connect to channel one on the CPU via an Ethernet cable.
This configuration provides for easing direct communication with an SLC 505 CPU.

Step 2: local area network

Our framework has a PC that is associated with the PLC ought to be on a similar organization to communicate with the PLC. For that, you need to change IP settings on internet protocol properties.

To begin with, you should go to a local area network. You need to choose IPv4, and afterward, you need to set up TCP/IP.

Now it's set to obtain an IP address automatically, but since I'm plugging directly from my PC to the PLC there isn't anything to assign an IP. The IP address of our PLC is

Step 3: Configuration Ethernet devices

Open up Rslinx Classic software, and set up the communication driver. And then select an Ethernet device because we PLC is on Internet Protocol, so we will just define a new PLC, add new here, you have to define the IP address of our PLC is
  • Configured Drivers: AB-ETH-1, AB Ethernet Running
  • Go to the Network, SLC 5/05 LINE

Step 4: Open Rslogix 500 software

Go to the tools option system communication, select on Who active option here now we will connect PLC through Rslogix 500 via Ethernet/IP driver, and select on that and click ok.
Now just upload the program from PLC to PC, it will upload the data from a PLC to Rslogix 500 software.

Step 5: save the program

We are just gonna save that file first, of all name it any name you want.

Congratulations You have successfully upload the SLC 505 Processor Program via Ethernet cable using Rslinx classic and Rslogix 500 software.

From here we have finished the subject of the upload Allen Bradley PLC program via Ethernet cable, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.
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