How to Convert PLC Program into PDF

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welcome to my new automation article. Today I’m going to show you how to convert your PLC programming project into a PDF. After watching this article we will be able to convert our whole Project into PDF and we can print this project.

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I. How to Convert PLC Program into PDF

In this part I'm going to show you how to convert your PLC Programming Project into a PDF.
Before we look into of the Convert PLC Program into PDF, let us take a look at TIA Portal Siemens, and the list of steps you need for to export TIA Portal project to PDF.

TIA Portal Siemens:

The TIA Portal Software that gives you the way to Integrated Automation from Siemens. This TIA Portal is the application that advances all operational machine and cycle schedules every one of them.

The TIA Portal of us you to different views the portal views and the project views. The portal views offers a task-based mode of operation.

The project views you will find all the key commands in the menu bar and in the function bar below additional frequently used commands via the project navigation, you have access to all components and project data.

1. The Steps You Need For To Export TIA Portal Project To PDF

  • Open the Project in TIA Portal.
  • Select the printer or the PDF reader installed in your PC
  • Define the layout (A3, A4, etc..)
  • Preview your layout before Exporting to PDF
  • Export your Program to PDF
  • Define the path to save the PDf file
  • Now Your Program is Exported to PDF

1.1 How To Export TIA Portal Project To PDF

To convert a PLC Project in TIA Portal, press ctrl Button NB button at a time for print command a new setup page will open and you need to select name Microsoft print to PDF from drop-down menu you select foxit reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader also if you have installed them on your computer document you can select your page from this option for instance you can select legal size paper standard a4 size paper.

Print object area this is important if you want to convert only selected area, then select selection or if you want to convert the full area, at that point select all in properties are select all and afterward click on the print button.

After that please wait a bit now you have to save this changed over the PLC project on your PC. And let's provide a name of this PDF project. Now Presently open your saved to watch that our program is changed over appropriately or not.

Now we can see that our PLC programming project has convertor properly, we found each and everything in this PDF file. We can utilize this as an electrical manual for additional machine.

Now again we press Ctrl and Print button in this time imprint object area, select selection and see what the difference between this two is we can see only selected page has changed over into PDF not the entire of the project.

From here we have finished the subject of how to convert PLC program into PDF, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical. 

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