Migrating RSView32 HMI project to Factory Talk View SE

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, today during this article I will be able to show you the better effective method to effect a migration from an RSView32 HMI project to a FactoryTalk View SE project.

Migrating RSView32 HMI project to FactoryTalk View SE

I. Migrating RSView32 HMI project to Factory Talk View SE

the next thing we want to do import the RS view32 HMI project is to create an HMI server we will create the HMI server, in our new area HMI folder this will keep it seperate from other servers in the application to create the HMI server, you right-click on the area where you want to create it and select add new server HMI server the HMI server wizard will will start the operation we want to perform is to import a project so select that click next.

click oki to acknowledge this message the factory talk view studio import wizard is started first we need to select the type of application we're importing as you can see the first option RS view 32 project is what we want you can also import a factory talk view machine eidtion project or another factory talk view site edition project select RS view 32 project.

Now we need to browse for the RS view 32 project files. We'll go and select our RS view 32 projects and click next. The final step is to give the HMI server a name we'll name our new HMI server and click finish.

At this point factory talk view studio imports the RS view 32 application going through tags and all displays and also converting any other components, you might have in the application such as parameter files, data log files and macros this our SPU 32 application is small so it only takes a couple of minutes

if you have many screens with lots of graphics or many tags conversion may take a little longer if you're importing RS view 32 project to factory talk view se on 32 bits machine you'll see a step where the tag database is converted to the new format in our case we already performed this step with the legacy tag database conversion utility, taht the project could be imported on our 64 bits machine.

As you can see the RS view 32 applications were successfully imported into our HMI server called new HMI server below this HMI server and the explorer there is an HMI tags folder where you can find the HMI tag database as imported from the RS view 32 projects.

There's a graphics folder where you can find things like displays global objects graphic libraries parameter files and recipes HMI tag alarm configuration is found in the HMI tag alarms folder the logic and control folder contains derived tags events macros and client key configuration. Finally the data log folder is where data log models are configured.

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