How to Update HMIS5T using a USB stick

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How to Update HMIS5T using a USB stick

I. How to Update HMIS5T using a USB stick

For to update HMIS5t with USB stick we will do several easy and simple steps as follows:

  • Connect your USB stick with a HMIS5T. 
  • Install a new project to run through this process. 
  • Configure Network address. 
  • Remove the USB device from the back of the electrical cabinet. 
  • Restart the process.

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In this part we will learn how to How to Update HMIS5T Schneider Electric is using a USB stick

This is the process for updating your HMIS5T on the front of the panel again a quite a simple process We're gonna be using a USB that's sent to your location the IP addresses should be written on the inside of the electrical cabinet this one I know by default is already pre-programmed so I'm just going to insert it I'll show you to the configuration.

So with the backing of the electrical cabinet there's gonna be a USB slot we're just going to insert it into the slot, I'll pop up with this message do you want to install a new project yes yes to run through this process of running all the data onto the HMI to update the firmware as well as update the actual project.

install project HMIS5T from the usb

And IP settings once this is complete, but you should be fairly quick then you'll see it boot up with a secondary message and that's what we're gonna check our IP addresses.

back up your data HMIS5T

So now it's popped up with the message after installing all of our data and this is the part where I was mentioning the network IP addresses before I go to network.

network HMIS5T

So like I said the principal screen which is this one is and subnet mask and this is the gateway that everything communicates through

configure network HMIS5T

If you have an additional screen you would just make sure that you enter that 4 additional and then in the series after that if you have more than 2, click okay to terminate the configuration network.

restart HMIS5T

And then what we have to do is remove the USB device from the back of the electrical cabinet, and click restart now it should be booted up and everything will be updated with the latest drivers and then it's done there we go so we are booting into it all right well


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