How to configure Delta HMI on PC for connecting Ethernet

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, this article explains how to configure Delta HMI to a computer. The cables necessary to make the connection between Delta HMI to PC it's Ethernet cable.

How to configure Delta HMI on PC for connecting Ethernet

I. How to configure Delta HMI on PC for connecting Ethernet

In this Article, I would like to show you how to configure the Delta HMI panel on the PC using Ethernet cable. Before we start, following is the list of things you need:
  • Delta Human Machine Interface.
  • PC with DOPSoft software
  • DOPSoft, Commissioning Software
  • Ethernet câble

1. Delta HMI

A Delta HMI Panel is a stage which grants connection between users and automation equipment. Delta's HMI items give different communication ports for quick communication.

1.1  Product List

  • DOP-100 Series
  • Advanced HMI
  • Standard HMI
  • Basic HMI
  • DOP-W Series
  • DOP-H Series
  • TP Series

2. DOPSoft

The DOPSoft Delta HMI Software is the software used to start programming Delta HMI. You can install the DOPSoft Delta HMI Software on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. The software can open and convert the DOP-B, DOP-W, and DOP-H series projects into the DOP-100 series projects and TP series.

3. How to Communicate Delta HMI with PC using Ethernet câble 

In this part am going to show you how to configure Delta HMI on PC for connecting through the Ethernet. Go to network and sharing center got change adapter settings.

Now select your adapter and go to its properties, select IP version 4 and go to its properties change the settings and to use the following IP address type IP address subnet mask default

Now we have Delta HMI, which supports Ethernet connectivity go to it back panel, and here is a push button name system it allows you to change HMI settings. Now we can see the settings in the HMI screen, select system settings, select network turn off DHCP for setting IP address manually and give the IP address for your HMI according to your local area network IP configuration and give subnet mask and default gateway address.

Now you can double tap the home button to save and exit from the HMI settings. Now we can go to DOP soft for programming, and got two options, then environment and change the upload download into Ethernet.

For checking the IP address just download a sample screen and in that pop-up windows mark auto search now at finding the HMI there you can see that IP address which we have configured before for the HMI.

From here we have finished the subject of the How to configure Delta HMI on PC for connecting Ethernet , if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.

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