The hardware electronic of siemens simovert masterdrive

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technicals blog, a Simovert MasterDrive is comprised of many diverse electronic components. This article will identify each piece of hardware that makes up a Siemens Simovert MasterDrive.



In this part, we will talk about the hardware, electronic of drives Simovert Masterdrive for example from outline size E to H appraisals 45kw to 200kw.

In the chassis drives simovert the circuit on the boards is partitioned into numerous individual sheets. So in a hardware drive from 45kw to 200kw, you will see the following cards:
  1. Siemens CUVC board Siemens Simovert Masterdrive
  2. Siemens IVI board Simovert Masterdrive
  3. Siemens ABO board Simovert Masterdrive
  4. Siemens PSU1 and PSU2 board Simovert Masterdrive
  5. Siemens PCC board Simovert Masterdrive
  6. Siemens TDB board Simovert Masterdrive
  7. Siemens PCU board Simovert Masterdrive
  8. Siemens IGD board Simovert Masterdrive
  9. PMU display

1. Masterdrive CUVC Card

This is the core of the drive. The fundamental controller card (CPU). All the simple and computerized I/p's and o/p's from the field are likewise associated with this card. You can interface a PC/ OP1S and speak with the drive-by associating a link to 1 of the port on this card. 
It has 2 ports with rs232 and rs485 convention. The presentation unit called the PMU is additionally associated with this card. 

2. Masterdrive IVI Card

Masterdrive IVI Card

IVI is an interfacing card - this card is utilized for interfacing control circuit and power circuit. This can be an optical fiber type or level band type.

Utilizing the optical fiber links so no electrical association between the IVI and the IGD board (force and control segregated).

3. Masterdrive ABO Card

The DC connects voltage, the o/p flows, and temperature are scaled utilizing operation amps on the eve board. The increase of these intensifiers is set by the I/p and the input resistors. 

These resistors are mounted on the ABO board. This board has just the resistors mounted on it at the littlest board in the drive. 

4. Masterdrive PSU1 Card

This is the force gracefully unit of the drive. All the force supplies required by all the circuits and sheets are produced on this board. The I/p to this board is the DC connect voltage. First, the DC connects is changed over to 24 v by a circuit.

This 24v is then used to produce the various required voltages. The breakers in the fan are mounted on this board.

The DC voltage is additionally estimated on this board, the dropped down voltage is then given to the CUVC through the IVI board. The board likewise has the principle contactor control circuit. The fan control on his board.

X9 connector:
  • This is a very important connector in the hardware drivers, this connector is on the PSU1/PSU2 board.
  • If you need to check or change any boundary or check the status of advanced, you need not give the DC I/p voltage to the drive. You need to simply give 24v at terminals 1 and 2 of this connector x9. Pin 1 is +24v and pin 2 is 0v.

5. Masterdrive PCC Card

This is the terminating card for the I/p thyristor rectifier connect utilized in the hardware drives, the board has 6 thyristors.

It gets the force flexibly and the thyristor terminating empower signal from the IVI board. The empower sign to fire the thyristors are discharged when the ON order is given to the driver.

6. Masterdrive TDB Card

This is, the thyristor driver board utilized in the Above 200 kW drives. It has the consolidated cuts of the PCC, and the PCU card of the beneath 45 kW drives to 200kw driver.

7. Masterdrive PCU Card

This is the pre-charging unit. This board has the high-frequency filter ckt, and the I/p diode connects to the pre-charging of the DC interface capacitors. The pre-charge resistor is mounted externally, and its connections are brought to this board.

8. Masterdrive IGD Card

This is the IGBT gate driver board, It has the 6 IGBTs of the o/p inverter bridge, It gets the power supplies from the IVI card. This card sits directly on the IGBT modules.

To switch on the IBGTs, a +15v is given to the gate of the IGBT, a -5v at the gate is given to make it off. This card likewise faculties the working of the IGBT, and gives an input signal back to the CUVC one signal for every phase.

9. PMU display

PMU display simovert
  • The PMU unit enables, the operator to control and visualization the parameters and observations directly on the unit itself. It is an integral part of the hardware of Siemens Simovert MasterDrives.
  • X300 connector: an OP1S or a PC can be connected up via the DB9 RS232 or RS485.

From here we have finished the subject of the Hardware Electronic of Siemens Simovert MasterDrives, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.

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