Migrating Simatic HMI MP277 to TP1200 Comfort HMI

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, today in this article I will show you step by step through migrating Siemens MP277 classic HMI to Siemens TP1200 Comfort HMI.

Migrating Simatic HMI MP277 to TP1200 Comfort HMI

I. Migrating Simatic HMI MP277 to TP1200 Comfort HMI

Before we look into the Migrating Simatic hmi MP277 to TP1200 comfort HMI, let us take a look at the definition MP277 and TP1200.

1. Description Simatic HMI MP277

2. Description TP1200 comfort HMI

The TP1200 Comfort SIMATIC Panel has a 12" widescreen show with 16 million colors and can be worked by means of the touch display. Communication with the controller is by means of a PROFINET or MPI/PROFIBUS-DP interface.

3. MP277 to TP1200 comfort Simatic HMI migration


I'm going to show you today is a migration from our MP277 classic HMI to our TP1200 comfort innovated HMI. So the primary thing we have to do is:

3.1 Open an existing wincc flexible project

open wincc flex Project in save it as a wincc flexible 2008, service project this is because the migration utility will only work on projects that are saved in 2008 service pack 2, so what i'll do, i will go to project save as version, select wincc flexible 2008 service pack 2 and name my file and hit save once that's done, i can save my project closeout of wincc flexible and move on TIA portal.

save Migration MP277

Once i met in tia portal what i want to do is go to project migrate and select the project that i just saved, select a destination and hit migrate you don't run through the migration process which can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the size of the project it'll tel me that migration is completed with warning.

generally, the warnings will tell you that there were certain issues in this case, the warning is pretty meaningless, so i can just move on what to do now is do a quick simulation on the MP277 HMI to make sure that it looks like it migrated.

In this case, it seems to have migrated fine all the screens seem to work. I don't see any major issues here.
project migrate in tia portal

3.2 Preparatory measures, settings

So now i can go ahead and replace the MP277 with a TP1200 comfort HMI, because the comfort panel is a widescreen format in the MP277 is a four by three format i need to have some sort of scalling for my object if i don't want a scale i can hit none i can do fit to screen i can also fit to height or width i found works the best is fit to height with the with the objects on the left side of the screen but this is all generally.

 settings migration mp277

3.3 Change device type

I can go back to my device as a networks tab right-click on the HMI and hit change device, select the new panel in this case an MP277 10 inch is replaced by a TP 1200 comfort HMI which is a 12 inch widescreen comfortable it changes the device.

Change device type MP277 to TP1200

3.4 Simulation

Now I want to do a quick simulation to see if it migrated over. Now you'll notice a couple of the buttons don't look quite right.

simulation mp277 to tp1200

From here we have finished the subject of the Migrating Simatic HMI MP277 to TP1200 Comfort HMI, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.
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