Factory reset on Altivar ATV320 and Altivar ATV312

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Welcome to our followers on the blog PLC Technicals, today's in this article I would like to show you the best demonstration for restoring factory default settings on the Altivars ATV320 and ATV312 variable frequency drives via the front display ConF menu.

Factory reset on Altivar ATV320 and Altivar ATV312

I. Factory reset on Altivar ATV320 and Altivar ATV312

1. Factory Reset on Altivar ATV320:

This part will show you how to perform a factory reset on an Altivar ATV320 dimmer, to start from your main menu.

You want to go ahead and press the input, go clockwise and launch parameter Conf, and then you want to go to parameter FCs- --> FCS1

The next parameter you want to drop as fry-. So here you select if you want to reset all groups or function blocks only or control settings only, etc.

so if you want to make all groups will just click and everyone all and you will notice that your little

1.1 Procedure:

To play out a plant reset from power-up. Enter on the dial. At ready, press enter
Altivar ATV320 rdy parameters

Look down to the CONF menu and enter. 

Parameter Conf Altivar ATV320

Look down to FCS-and enter. 

FCS- Altivar ATV320
  • Look down to FRY- and enter.
  • Select All so that the mark is at the top rather than the base. Presently go to GFS Parameter.
  • Set it to yes and hold for 2 seconds until it returns to GFS when you let go.

2. Factory Reset on Altivar ATV312:

In this part we are going to talk about how to restore the factory default settings on an Altivar ATV312 through the front screen you will have to enter with your dial scroll down in the Parameter DRC menu now enter scroll down to the FCS menu, now enter.

Go to the menu Parameter InI rotate it clockwise until you see InI then hold down enter for approximately 2.3 Sec You will notice that it returns to no automatically and that's basically how it does a factory reset on an Altivar ATV312.

Please check this link:
By visiting this article you can find out how to Configuring the Altivar ATV312 variable speed drive

2.1 Procedure:

At RDY, press enter 

RDY Altivar ATV312

 Look down to the drC menu and press enter

drc Altivar ATV312

 Look down to FCS ( reestablish config settings) and press enter and going to Parameter InI

Fcs Altivar ATV312

4. Look down to InI and hold enter for 3 seconds unit the presentation flashes back to no. Presently the drive has been reset back to its unique plant settings. 

InI Altivar ATV312

no Altivar ATV312

From here we have finished the subject of the Factory Reset on Altivar ATV320 and Altivar ATV312, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical. 
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