Configuring the Altivar ATV312 variable speed drive

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Configuring the Altivar ATV312 variable speed drive

I. Configuring the Altivar ATV312 variable speed drive

Before we look into the Configuring the Altivar ATV312 variable speed drive, let us take a look at the Altivar ATV312 variable frequency drive.

Altivar ATV312

This family of Altivar drives Altivar ATV312, the optimum for the simple, compact machine in industrial environments.

Totality compatible with previous range ATV312:

  • From 0.18 KW up to 15KW
  • 1 Phase: 240V
  • 3 Phase: 400V/600V
  • Compact format on all frames

The Product offer:

  • Braking Resistors
  • Line chokes
  • Motor chokes
  • Output filters
  • Additional EMC filters 

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Step by step process for resetting the Altivar ATV312 Drive

1. Configuring the Altivar ATV312 for 2 wire control:

Configuring 2-wire start-stop run control on Altivar ATV312 Variable Frequency Drives utilizing ordinary open (NO) dry contact conclusion on Logic Input 1 (LI1) and +24Vdc source.

This source can be situated on the drive's +24Vdc terminal or an outside 24Vdc source whenever required.

In this part, we will show you how to wire and program and an ATV312 drive to drive to run in 2-wire control.

Now, in a 2-wire control, we mean what that means is that you're allowing the closure of contact between the 24 supply and the logic input one terminal.

So it can have a normally open contact between it, and when the contact is closed, it will run the drive. And when it is open, it will stop the drive. That's what 2-wire means.

Now, I will say that he drives, the ATV312 drive is already programmed as 2 wire control from it is in most cases anyway. But if for some reason it's been changed, or if you want to confirm, you can always go in and first of all, confirm that it's programmed for 2-wire.

RDY altivar ATV312

So we can enter from your main display. Scroll down to the inputs and outputs menu. The first parameter is TCC, and when you enter that, you want that to be on 2C for 2-wire control.

You have the option of making it 3C as well, but make sure it's on 2C. If you have to change this, make sure you press and hold the enter key for several seconds, about three or so seconds if you have to make a change. So we can discuss escape because it's already on 2-wire.

And the next parameter is, once we're back to TCC, you can go down to TCT, next one down. And this is a type of level control or type of 2-wire control and general. So from the factory, set up as a transition, which means that you have to power to drive up first and then toggle you run the command.

Otherwise, if it gets a run command upon power-up, it will go to the parameter NST state, so you have to turn off your run command if that's the case. But you can make it level control. So right now, it's in transition you can make it level counterclockwise, enter on the level.

So what level means, basically is that when the drive is powered up with a run command, it will just go running, you don"t have to wait until the drive is powered up to toggle your run command, which might be important for some kind of safety issues, depending on how your setup is. But this is important for level control is important for when you're doing an automatic restart and the like.

So now that we've done that, it's already set up for 2-wire. And already have a speed reference of some kind coming into this drive. So we can escape back out and like I said, LI1 logic input 1 is your run forward command on this drive for 2-wire control. So we can toggle it and as you can tell, it's just ramping up your drive. And now we can remove the 24 dc off of LI1 and it'll go back to ready.

Now I want to go in and show you how the driver is going to react in a transition mode. So we can go ahead and go back into the IO menu, TCT parameter, let's make it back to transition. So with it powered up it runs fine, it stops fine.

But let's go ahead and enable the run command, kill power to the drive, let it go blank, and then power it back up, and you get an NST as you can tell, with the run command enabled upon power up with a transition state, it did not like that.

It's expected you to drive to get power first, and then you toggle your run command so you can choose the disable your run command and reapply it again, and as you can tell, it's happy now and knows that it's okay to run.

So this is basically how you set up an ATV312 drive to run 2-wire control as well as the types of the 2-wire type you can assign in this particular ATV312 drive.

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