Basic Programming of the Mitsubishi D700 Drive

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Basic Programming of the Mitsubishi D700 Drive

I. Basic Programming of the Mitsubishi D700 Drive:

Before we look into the Basic Programming of the Mitsubishi D700, let us take a look at the definition Mitsubishi D700 drive.

1. Description Mitsubishi D700:

  • Producer :Mitsubishi
  • Arrangement :D700
  • Model :FR-D740-022-NA
  • Condition :New
  • Consistent/Variable Torque :CT/VT
  • Torque :1 HP
  • Most extreme Amps :2.2 A
  • Input :3-Phase ,380-480V
  • Output:3-Phase ,380-480V
  • Walled in area :IP20
  • Measurements :Tallness: 5.0 in ,Width: 4.3 in ,Profundity: 5.1 in

2. Specifications:

  • Rated HP 1HP
  • Input Voltage :460V
  • Output Voltage :460V
  • Input Phase :3-Phase
  • Output Phase: 3-Phase
  • Rated Amps :2.2 A
  • Condition :New
  • Enclosure Rating :IP20
  • Series :D700
  • Height :5.04 in
  • Width :4.25 in
  • Depth :5.10 in

3. Mitsubishi D700 Drive Parameter Setting:

In this part, we're going to learn basic Programming for the Mitsubishi D700 variable drive. The D drives are very compact and yet very powerful they come in a wide variety of horsepowers and are very simple to program and run and are very economical.

400 volts drive so we are powering it right now with 480 volts, 3 phase, it's a 2.2 amp drive so this would be suitable for a 1 or 1/2 horsepower 480-volt motor we're going to be using the standard programmer that comes with the drive today we will the first start.

the mode button when we get to the mode button the first thing we see is P that stands for the parameter so we're going to go to parameter 19 we do that by simply turning the wheel to parameter 19 the first thing I like to program on any drive is the volts and the frequency these need to much the motor nameplate.

so we're on parameter P 19 we press set and that is set for 480 volts well maybe I want my motor set for 480 volts I simply change this to 480 volts and when I get to 480, I simply press set again and it blinks to show me that I have changed that setting now let's go down to parameter P3.
So I go down here to parameter P3 and this is my motor rated frequency, I press set it's set to 60 Hertz this is the way it should come out of the box and that is my motor rated frequency so I'm not going to change.

parameter P3 Mitsubishi D700

motor  frequency Mitsubishi D700

Now, if I go back to parameter mode, I will start with parameter P1 and let's go through the first ten parameters.
Parameter P1 is my maximum frequency, so I push to set to 60 Hertz maybe I'd like to allow this to go up to about 65 Hertz so, I will change that to 65 this wheel makes that very convenient I push to set, and I'm now programmed for a maximum frequency of 65 Hertz if I just change the wheel I go directly to parameter P2.

Parameter P1 Mitsubishi D700

maximum frequency Mitsubishi D700

Parameter P2 is my minimum frequency, so I push set for a minimum frequency of 12 Hertz well I've got a pump that I don't want to go any slower than 30 Hertz. 
So I'll simply change this the faster I change it the faster it goes, and I'll get this to about 30 Hertz and then press set again, and I have now programmed my minimum frequency for 30 Hertz. 

Parameter P2 Mitsubishi D700

minimum frequency Mitsubishi D700

minimum frequency Mitsubishi

Parameter P3 that was our motor rated frequency we've already set that here's parameters P4, P5, and P6 those are preset speeds if you'd like to run their drive. Parameter P7 this is the drive acceleration time push set and my acceleration time is 15 seconds well, I'd like this small motor to accelerate in 5 seconds, so I'll change that to 5 seconds press set and now it will accelerate from 0 to 60 Hertz in 5 seconds.
Parameter P7 Mitsubishi D700 drive

acceleration time is 15 seconds

My next parameter is P8, that's my deceleration time, so I'm going to change my deceleration time up to about 30 Hertz, so let me change this to 30 Hertz. I press it again, and I will now slow down from 60 Hertz to 0 in thirty seconds.
Parameter P8 Mitsubishi D700

deceleration time P8 Mitsubishi D700

Finally, Parameter P9 is my motor nameplate amperage. So my motor full load amps of this motor are 1.7 amps, so I will simply change that down here to 1.7 amps, and knowing that the drive will now be able to protect my Motor from overloads.

Parameter P9 Mitsubishi D700

amperage motor Mitsubishi

amperage motor Mitsubishi D700

So let's go ahead and run this drive. The first thing I want to do is make sure that I'm in the proper mode parameter.

From here we have finished the subject of the Basic Programming of the Mitsubishi D700 Drive, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.
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