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Welcome to our followers again on the Blog PLC Technical, in this article we will introduce how to install and start-up DC converters simoreg Siemens of electric motors.



In this part we will present you how to install and launching DC converters simoreg Siemens. for the Fundamentals start up DC converters simoreg. Installation & start-up DC converters simoreg, Initial tests, and alarm fault test, Acknowledgement test.

But as we used to do before we started to introduce type and description of simoreg DC master

1. The Simoreg speed variator:

   1.1 Définition:

The SIMOREG DC is a digital speed variator based on a straightening bridge composed of thyristors

The main components of the SIMOREG DC speed variator are:

  1. A CPU with a memory card where the program of the inverter and a buffer are stored or the volatile data are stored during the operation of the machine. It is considered as a control unit since it allows all digital operations. 
  2. CUD1 board as interface with current and voltage images 
  3. A CUD2 board for extension of input/output of motion drives and power factor. It allows the management of the exchange of data between the two drives 
  4. A CBP2 board to ensure communication according to the PROFIBUS protocol between the drive and the PLC. 
  5. An SSE board, installed next to the dimmer, which allows the status of the Thyristors on the rectifier bridge to be checked and the 480V arrival. And its main role is to detect the current cancellation when reversing for motor protection.


1.2 Range of types:

60A converters, 600A converters, 850A converters, 1200A converter, 2200A, 3000A converter. To successfully manage this mode of operation, it is necessary to go through several steps supported by methods of disassembly and assembly of the speed Variators.

1.3 Disassembly of speed variator:

Before starting any work. The power supply must be switched off with the general circuit breaker on “OFF” .
The disassembly process of the old speed variator must be taken into account:
  1. Disconnect 3-pin fan MOLEX connectors 
  2. Disconnect the excitation power cable 1C1 1D1 
  3. Disconnect 1U1,1V1,1W1 (line voltage) Electronics Power Supply Cables 
  4. Remove connection wires between the motor and speed variator 
  5. Remove the +PE power protection cables 
  6. Disconnect the PROFIBUS DP communication cable 
  7. Disconnect the encoder cable x173 
  8. Carefully removing the speed variator

2. Installation and start-up dc converters simoreg:

To ensure proper operation of the installation, the following steps must be followed:
  1. Installation of the speed controller.
  2. Speed variator setting with Drive Monitor software.
  3. Launch the system.
Note: Before starting the wiring, the mains voltage must be turned off and a waiting time of at least 10 minutes must be respected.

2.1 Mounting of optional boards:

Under no circumstances should the boards be disconnected or plugged under power. SIMOREG DC speed drives offer five slots:
  1. Power card
  2. Regulation Board CUD1,CUD2
  3. Thyristors filter board
  4. EEPROM Board
  5. Excitation Card
Isolate the inverter from the network: Isolate the converter from the power source (AC or DC busbar) and turn it off.

 2.2 Installation and start-up

simoreg dc master

  • The speed controller can be mounted directly on the cabinet panel Always mount the controller vertically.

  • Check that the mains supply the correct 410VAC, after connecting the speed variator to the mains.

  • For SIMOREG DC Master: the 3 phases of the fuse output go to the terminals (R, S, T or L1, L2, L3), then the 2 power wires of the motor must be connected to the output of the dimmer on the terminals 1C1,1D1
  • Securely attach the motor and control cables to metal backplane using appropriate clamps
  • Connect ground protection (PE) conductors, and tighten the screws.
  • Check that the cables are properly connected and that the equipment is grounded
  • Connect the x173 control terminal link cables to the CUD1 board
  • Connection of the PROFIBUS cable: Bring the PROFIBUS cable into the unit from 
  • underneath. Screw the PROFIBUS bus connector with the two screws on the CBP board connector (Profibus communication)
  • After the installation is complete, run the dimmer with the intended application while controlling the temperature to verify the cooling efficiency.
  • Establish DB9 female Serial port interface link between a console and speed variator
  • Check that the power input voltage is correct = 410VAC
  • Load the parameter list on the speed controller with Drivemonitor where OP1S: The drive monitor software tool is available for commissioning, setting up and diagnosis of SIMOREG DC from a PC
  • Measure voltage and excitation current
  • Set the parameter manually P051=25
  • Start parameters: observation parameters, adjustment parameters, indexed parameters, Control panel settings
  • On-site testing and commissioning:

Initial tests:

  • Ensure that all cables are connected properly and that all specific safety precautions are followed.

  • Make sure the engine can start safely. The display will indicate 07.1 waiting for a powerful order after pressing the ON button on the dimmer. And the motor shaft will start to spin.

  • Press the STOP button. The display will indicate o10 (stop 2) and the engine will slow down before stopping in one second.
  • Test fault alarms.
Set of electronic boards comprising old speed controllers

simoreg 6ra7081-6dv62-0;s/n : Q6LD0953320013
Electronic card
power card
Regulation Board 
CUD1 C98043-a7001-L1
thyristors filter board
Excitation Card

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