Upload program Omron PLC to PC via CX-programmer

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Welcome to the Blog PLC Technical, today in this article i will introduce you step by step instructions to Upload  Program Omron  CP1H PLC Using CX-Programmer Software.I can only now explain this application to you,follow us.



As you have seen in our title, how to upload program omron from CP1H PLC to PC via software Cx-Programmer.

Before we glance into the how to  upload program Omron from CP1H PLC to PC via software CX-Programmer, let us take a look at the software CX-Programmer, and Establishing communication between CP1H PLC and PC.

Before we start, following is the rundown of things you need:
  • Software Cx-Programmer.
  • USB Programming Cable ( USB Printer câble ).
  • RS-485 interface
  • Computer or PC with  Software Cx-Programmer installed.

1. Software CX-Programmer

Software CX-Programmer, is the programming software package for all Omron's PLC series, is totally integrated into the CX-One software package suite. 

CX-Programmer includes a good form of options, and a good sort of feature to hurry up the event of your PLC program.

2. Establish Communication using CX-Programmer

Establishing communication to our Omron CP1H PLC, two different ways one using RS485 cable and the other is the USB port. 
USB printer cable

The us, it's just a USB printer port so it's a printer cable, and one cable it attaches onto this side of the CP1H PLC, Other sides will then plug into our PC.

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3. Procedure to upload program Omron from CP1H PLC to PC

In this procedure, I am explaining how to Upload program the Omron CP1H PLC with the CX-Programmer Software.
  1. Open CX-Programmer Application
  2. Select Serial Port
  3. Create a now project
  4. Work Online and Auto Online
  5. Select PLC trasfer from PLC to PC
  6. upload successful

3.1 Open CX-Programmer

After connecting the PC to the Omron CP1H PLC using USB printer or RS485 cable, and everything installed then we'll call up our CX-programmer software.

3.2 Select Serial Port

Double click to the change PLC, and right our network type this is how we're going to communicate so instead of USB will select this SYSMAC WAY of the Network Type, and then we'll go to settings.

Our driver port name we selected USB. So we'll say okay to that okay and now we're all set to communicate.

3.3 Work Online and Auto Online

The work online basically we'll take that place set up for that we just hold it and say try the connection between the PLC and PC. Selection PLC and select Work Online.

The Auto Online will actually look out the through the network and it will actually try to find that Omron CP1H PLC and upload the program Omron.

3.3 Create a now project

Start by going to file and click to new project, enter the project name of the device Name.
  • Device Name: your Project name
  • Device Type: CP1H PLC
  • Network Type: USB 
  • Click OK Button 

3.4 Select PLC trasfer from PLC to PC

Now we have uploaded the program Omron CP1H PLC. So do some settings. Click to PLC and go to the direct online select USB connection.
To upload the Program Omron CP1H PLC to PC 
  • Selection PLC and go to select Transfer
  • In the menu Click From PLC
  • And Click OK Upload Option.
  • upload successful

Congratulations You have successfully upload program omron CP1H PLC to PC via usb Printer cable. 

From here we have finished the subject of the upload program Omron CP1H PLC to PC via CX-Programmer, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.
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