Upread and Download the Parameters MasterDrive using OP1S SIEMENS

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Welcome to our follow-up to PLC Technical blog, today our time with the second lesson on the SPEED VARIATIOR, is less on how to upgrade and download the parameters MasterDrive using OP1S Siemens which many people are looking for and who is interested. Follow me.

Upread and Download the Parameters MasterDrive using OP1S SIEMENS

I. Upread and Download the Parameter MasterDrive using OP1S SIEMENS

When the "P" key is squeezed, a changeover is produced using the working showcase to the essential menu. The essential menu is the equivalent for all units. The accompanying determinations can be made:
  •   Menu selection
  •   OP: Upread
  •   OP: Download
  •   Delete data 
  •   Change slave
  •   Config. slave 
  •   Slave ID

The OP1S SIEMENS can be connected to the units,(simovert,simoreg,compact plus unit...) via 5 m cable RS485.
Connection OP1S via cable RS485

Connection OP1S via cable RS485

1. How to upread the drive parameter

with the OP:Upread function,can be upread parameter and stored in the flash memory inside the OP1S.
the OP:Upread function is selected with the "#" or "*" and started with the button "P".

menu op1s

Started with the button "P": the parameter is being upgraded to OP1S Siemens: P012... P024..

Upread   Parameter MasterDrive using OP1S SIEMENS

If the available flash memory is insufficient, the procedure is interrupted with the error message during upgrade. The data sets in the memory flash OP1S is 10.

2. How to download the drive parameter

Before we begin, we must reset the variable speed drive VSD or VFD.

An example of how to proceed for a parameter reset the simovert drive:

  • Select "Fixed settings" menu: P060=2
  • Start parameter reset: P790=0
0: Parameter reset
1: No parameter change

With the "Operation: Download" work, a parameter set put away during the OP1S can be composed into the associated slave. Parameters of a perhaps embedded innovation board are not considered (for example T100, T300).

download the drive parameter

One of the parameter set stored in the OP1S must now be selected with "Raise" or "Lower" (displayed in the second line). The selected ID is confirmed with "P". 

parameter simovertparameter simovert-drive

The slave ID would now be able to be shown with "Raise" or "Lower" (see segment "Slave ID"). The "Download" method is then begun with "P". During download, the OP1S shows the as of now composed boundaries.

After the data set to be downloaded has been selected, if the identification of the stored parameters set does not agree with the identification of the connected unit, a blunder message shows up for roughly 2 seconds. The operator is then asked if downloading is to be discontinued and stopped
  • Yes: Downloading is discontinued.
  • No: Downloading is carried out.

From here we have finished the subject of the Upread and Download the Parameters MasterDrive using OP1S SIEMENS, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.

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