upload S7-300 Siemens Program using Profibus DP cable

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, Today we will talk about a very important topic, this article will explain how to upload S7-300 Siemens Program using Profibus DP câble.


I. upload S7-300 Siemens Program using Profibus DP cable

We have to keep a look back at points, how to upload S7-300 Siemens PLC Program using Profibus DP. Before we look into the S7-300 Siemens Program Using Profibus DP câble, let us take a look at the S7-300 system.

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1. S7-300 System Hardware Structure

An S7-300 system consists of the following modules:
  •  Power supply (PS)
  • CPU 317-2DP: SIMATIC CPU 317-2 DP 1 x 12 Mbits RS-485 Interface PROFIBUS DP/MPI (Master/Slave), 512 KBytes Memory for User Program and Data, No Integrated Input/Output, Integrated 24V DC Power Supply, required Micro Memory Card.
  •  Signal blocks (SM)
  •  Function blocks (FM)
  •  Communication processor (CP)

1.1 Profibus DP Cable

The PROFIBUS bus cable enables communication between several S7-300 with each other or with Input /Output modules.
To program the S7-300, a PC / notebook (with the corresponding interface module) or a programming device (PG) loaded with the Step7 software is required. 
The PG is connected to the CPU 317-2DP with a special cable (Profibus cable) for uploading S7-300 Siemens Program.

2. Fundamentals to upload S7-300 Siemens Program :

  1. Firt we show me the Properties PG/PC interface.
  2. Propertier PC Adapter Profibus
  3. Profibus card Parameter setting.
  4. Create new project.
  5. PLC-->Upload station to PG.
  6. Select Profibus node Address 
  7. Program is beging uploaded to PG.
  8. Hardward Configurartion of the CPU 317-2DP
First, you need to determine the Interface through which SIMATIC, Manager communicates with the PLC 

1. Click on the menu options (or Otis if French version) -->Then Click Set PG/PC interface as shown in Figure 1 (or Paramétrage de l'interface PG/PC if French version) to change the interface.

Set PG/PC interface

Since we intend to connect to the PLC via PROFIBUS
2. Select PC Adapter PROFIBUS.1--> Then Click the Properties as shown in Figure2, button to enter PROFIBUS parameter setting interface.

Properties PG PC interface

3. Click on the top "PROFIBUS", choose the baud rate 1.5 Mbps then DP profile. Click "OK" when all parameters are set as shown in Figure 3.

4. Select File --> New (or Fichier -->Nouveau Project if French version) as shown in Figure 4 to Create the New Project.

Create New Project PLC

5. Enter the project name or open an existing user project and select OK

project PLC name

6.we have selected upload to PLC->upload,from PLC(or Systéme cible if french version),then upload station to PG(or charger station dans la PG if french version).

upload station to PG

7. In the case below we are talking to a CPU317-2DP over PROFIBUS with node address 2, after clicking "ok".

adress profibus

8. Program is being uploaded to PG

Program is beging  uploaded to PG

copy program PLC to PG

Step Final: Here we take all blocks and hardware configuration of the CPU 317-2DP

all blocks  PLC and hardward configurartion

From here we have finished the subject of the upload S7-300 Siemens Program using Profibus DP cable from PLC to PC, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical. 

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