Upload S7-300 Siemens Program using MPI cable

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Hello to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, welcome to another article of the Simatic manager, Siemens, today in this article we will see how we can upload S7-300 Siemens Program of a CPU Siemens using MPI cable.


I. Upload S7-300 Siemens Program using MPI cable

In this article am going to talk about how to make a backup of your Program from the PLC to PC. So first of all to take upload S7-300 Siemens Program of the CPU318-2 we need an MPI Port well this particular article I'am using an MPI cable to connect may CPU318-2 with my laptop or a PC.

I need Programming cable which is a to USB cable you have to Download it drivers these are available on the Siemens website once you have downloaded the drivers you just have to install and it will work fine.

1. Fundamentals to upload S7-300 Siemens Program

Before we look into the uploading of the S7-300 Siemens Program, let us take a look at Siemens S7-300 PLC and MPI port of the CPU 318-2.

1.1  Siemens S7-300 PLC

An S7-300 system consists of the following modules:

CPU318-2: Technical data
CPU 318-2

CPU and Product Version MLFB Hardware version:
6ES7 318-2AJ00-0AB0 03 Firmware version V 3.0 Matching programming package STEP 7 V 5.1 + Service Pack 02
CPU 318-2 : 4 Accumulators

  • Assembly dimension BHT (mm) :160x125x130
  • Weight : Approx. 0.93 kg
Voltages, Currents

  • Power supply:24V DC
  • Permissible range :20.4 V to 28.8 V
  • Current consumption (idle) typical 1.2 A
  • Inrush current typical 8A


  • Work memory
  • integral
  • 256 KB data/ 256 KB code
  • Expandable :no
  • Load memory
  • integral 64 KB
  • Expandable FEPROM :Up to 4 MB
  • Expandable RAM :Up to 2 MB
  • Backup :Yes
  • With battery All data
  • Without battery max. 11 KB

Interfaces MPI

  • PD/OP communication: Yes
  • Global data communication: Yes
  • S7 basic communication: Yes
  • S7 communication: Yes (server)
  • Transmission rates: Up to 12 Mbps
  • Number of connections max. 32

 1.2 MPI 

The MPI port on the CPU module can be configured for either MPI network in this procedure will see how to access to a S7-300 Program Siemens PLC over MPI cable.

MPI cable

So let's start to upload S7-300 Siemens Program via MPI cable, following is the steps you need:
  1. Set PG/PC Interface
  2. Choose the "PC Adapter Auto
  4. Up Menu. Select File 
  5. Create a project in a new path 
  6. The Project Name is "MPICPU318" 
  7. Upload to PLC-->PC 
  8. Lets upload S7-300 Siemens Program from CPU318-2 to laptop
  9. Take the source of SIEMENS PLC Program CPU318-2 
  10. The hardware you can look at what is on the Rack
1. First, we need to determine the interface PG/PC with SIMATIC, manager communicates with the Siemens PLC. From the SIMATIC manager menu. Select options->set PG/PC Interface to launch the unity for the setting the online interface for the PC

PGPC interface

2. Look for "PC Adapter MPI.1", if you are not sure whether the MPI/DP port on the CPU module is preconfigured for MPI, choose the "PC Adapter Auto". Press OK to save properties

Dialog for defining PGPC interface

3. Once the selection is made the access of applications will reflect the newly selected interface. The setting should show STONLINE (STEP7) =>PC ADAPTER. MPI. Next OK and OK


4. Up Menu. Select File (or Fichier if french version) as shown in Figure and Create the new project to store. File=>new, allows you to create a project in a new path.

Create a project in SIMATIC MANAGER

5. Enter the Project Name is "MPICPU318" and select OK the Project is saved to the SIEMENS program files by default.

Dialog for opening step7 projects

Project object after create new project

6. We have selected upload to PLC-->PC, from PLC (or Systéme cible if french version) menu, it will upload S7-300 Siemens Program to PG. From the SIMATIC MANAGER MENU, select PLC=> upload station to PG

Uploading a station to PG

7. View (or afficher if french version) this is going to search for any MPI on the network. Here we have selected CPU318-2, to upload with Address MPI:2 ==>confirm with OK In the case below we are discussing to a Siemens PLC CPU318-2 over MPI with the address 2.

Dialog for accessing a station for upload

8. Lets upload S7-300 Siemens Program from CPU318-2 to Computer (PC/PG). In the Figure program is being uploaded

Uploading a station  PLC to PG

9. Here we take the source of SIEMENS PLC Program CPU318-2

Source of station PLC

If you click hardware you can look at what is on the Rack

hardware you can look at what is on the Rack

From here we have finished the subject of the upload S7-300 Siemens Program using MPI cable from PLC to PC, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.

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