PLC PAC Systems RX3I

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Hello to our followers on the Blog PLC Technical, today I offer you the family of Programmable automation, the control PLC PAC Systems RX3I was introduced to replace the series 90-30 PLC system. It uses the same Inputs/Ouputs system as the GE series 90-30 but offers higher speed the Inputs/Output modules.

PLC PAC Systems RX3I

I. PLC PAC Systems RX3I

The PLC PAC Systems RX3I controller is a part of the PACSystems family of Programmable automation PLC GE General Electric

Figure 1:16 slot universal backplane

1. PACSystems RX3I Hardware structure

In this part we're talking more about the RX3I conversion. The slot numbers in the universal rack and the expansion rack of an PAC Systems RX3I, simplify addressing in the RX3I environment.

RX3I hardware structure
Figure 2: RX3I hardware structure

The PAC Systems RX3I system must include universal Backplane,three sizes of universal backplane: 

  • 7-slot IC695CHS007
  • 12-slot IC695CHS012
  • 16-slot IC695CHS016 (Figure 1)

The Programmable controller PAC Systems RX3I is configured with the following modules:

Slot 1:
The RX3I Power supply work with any model CPU. There are DC Power supply and AC Power supply when you're using prophecy, it will suggest the best one for configuration on off switch
  • Power supply 240 VAC,125VDC IC695PSA040
  • Power supply 24v direct current IC695PSD040
  • Power supply 240 VAC,125VDC C695PSA140
  • Power supply 24v direct current C695PSD140

Slot 2:
The slot for the CPU, the controller CPU can manage up to 32k Of Input/Output. The powerful CPU enables complex applications to be easily solved with the high Mbytes of user Memory.
  • RX3I CPU with the built-in usb master port,Ethernet port,and serial port IC695CPE305
  • RX3I CPU with the built-in usb master port,Ethernet port,and 2 serial port IC695CPE310
  • RX3I CPU with two built-in serial port IC695CPU320
  • RX3I CPU with two built-in serial port IC695CPU315  

Slot 3 to Slot 10:
After we've installed the CPU put your I/0 modules. Input Module provides the interface between the PLC PAC Systems RX3I and external input like proximity sensors, push buttons, switches..

  • PACSystems RX3I direct current voltage input simulator, 8/16 points input IC694ACC300
  • PACSystems RX3I AC voltage 120VAC isolated, 8 point input IC694MDL230
  • PACSystems RX3I AC voltage 120VAC isolated, 16 point input IC694MDL250
  • PACSystems RX3I AC voltage 240VAC isolated, 8 point input IC694MDL231
  • PACSystems RX3I AC voltage 120VAC,16 point input IC694MDL240
  • PACSystems RX3I AC voltage 120VAC,32 point input IC694MDL260
  • PACSystems RX3I AC/direct current voltage, 24VAC/VDC IC694MDL241
  • PACSystems RX3I direct current voltage 125VDC,8 point input IC694MDL632
  • PACSystems RX3I 24 direct current voltage,8 point input IC694MDL634
  • PACSystems RX3I direct current voltage 24,16 point input IC694MDL645

Slot 11 to Slot 12:
Output Module provides the interface between the PLC PAC Systems RX3I and external output such as, Contactors, interposing, relays, indicator lamps.

Slot 13:
Analog Module input

Slot 14:
Processor and serial communications Modules. These specialty modules for from temperature controls, high speed counters, I/O processors, PID auto-tuning module

Slot 15:
That's your Ethernet controller same setup high density on the back because you want a high speed

From here we have finished the subject of the PLC PAC Systems RX31, if you like it, please share it with friends until it benefits, and then meet on a new topic on blog PLC Technical.

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