Error E On Display PMU Simovert

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Welcome to our followers on the Blog PLC Technicals, today we will start together in the first lesson of the course SPEED VARIATOR. This article will cover alarm code Error E on display PMU Siemens Simovert MasterDrives.

Error E On Display PMU


The alarm code Error "E" is a code will be displayed on the screen PMU Siemens Simovert MasterDrives, means that the drive is in the boot mode, which means it is ready for a firmware update process.

ERROR "E" on masterdrive


When the câble RS485 or RS232 is connected to the display PMU DB9 X300 before power on, the cards CU/CUVC/CUMC goes immediately to ERROR 'E' on display PMU.

If you connect the cable RS485 after power on, the cards CU/CUVC/CUMC does not change to boot mode and shows drive statues 009

statues 009 SIMOVERT

1. Three Things Cause Error 'E' to be Displayed on a PMU.

As usual, I will easily attach an explanation so that you can understand what does this Error E on display PMU means?
But Before we look into the Error "E" On Display PMU Simovert, let us take a look at display PMU and Simovert Masterdrive Drive.

1.1 The Simovert Drive:

The Drives Simovert is the frequency converter is a powerful electronic component for supplying three-phase drives in the output range from 2.2 kW to 37 kW with a frequency of 50 / 60Hz and a voltage (380...480 V). 
Operator control is Diplay PMU operator control panel, user friendly OP1S operator control panel. The Simovert MasterDrive is supplied with a number of interfaces and the cards like:

  • Siemens CUVC board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens IVI board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens ABO board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens PSU1 and PSU2 board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens PCC board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens TDB board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens PCU board Simovert Masterdrive
  • Siemens IGD board Simovert Masterdrive
  • PMU display
Drive Monitor is the correct software for Siemens Simovert Masterdrives VC

1.2 The Display PMU:

The PMU Display unit enables operator control and visualization of the converters and inverters directly on the unit. 
It is an integral part of the basic unit at the level the Siemens Simovert, It is a necessary piece of the essential units.
The PMU is used with preference for parameterizing simple Applications required.

Error E to be displayed on a PMU

1.3 The Basic Cause of the Error E on Display PMU Simovert

  1. You have activated the firmware update mode with a bootstrap
  2. The PSU card is defective
  3. The CUVC card is defective: in this case you need to up download a parameter set stored in the DriveMonito or OP1S.
Find here the link for help

  • First, you check and replace your CUVC card, Mostly Error "E" on display PMU Accor when CUVC card faulty.
  • Check the Aux contactor external DC24v at the X9 connector between the terminals 1 and 2 on the PSU board. If this voltage is less you will have display Error "E" on the PMU.

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